Top 10 List Podcast

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In The Top 10 List Podcast, a panel of comedians compete to get as many of their individual picks, from a list they prepared before the show, on a final top 10 list. The winner takes home all the glory of being a winner! We tackle a new top 10 subject each episode. The Top 10 List Podcast is hosted by Brian Crall.

The Top 10 List Podcast was originally recorded live at Sacramento Comedy Spot from February 2012 to June 2015. Stay tuned as we dig up some of the archives!

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Hottest Women In Movies
Episode 2: Celebrities Who Will Die in 2012
Episode 3: Best Superheroes
Episode 4: Best Tear-Jerker Movies
Episode 5: Best SNL Cast Members
Episode 6: Best Cartoons
Episode 7: Best Harrison Ford Movies
Episode 8: Best Video Games
Episode 9: Best Drunken Party Movies
Episode 10: Most Doable Actors
Episode 11: Best Movie Villains
Episode 12: Best Comedic Actors
Episode 13: Best Toys
Episode 14: Best Movies of All Time
Episode 15: Worst Songs
Episode 16: Best Movie Sidekicks
Episode 17: Best 80s Comedy Movies
Episode 18: Best Bands
Episode 19: Most Doable Actresses
Episode 20: Most Influential People
Episode 21: Best Drunk Sing-Along Songs
Episode 22: Worst Movies
Episode 23: Best Break-Up Songs
Episode 24: Best Chick Flicks
Episode 25: Best TV Sidekicks
Episode 26: Best Inventions
Episode 27: Best Animated Movies
Episode 28: Best Infomercials
Episode 29: Best High School Movies
Episode 30: Best TV Shows
Episode 31: Best Weed Movies
Episode 32: Best Game Shows
Episode 33: Best Action Movies
Episode 34: Best Monsters
Episode 35: Best Pop Stars
Episode 36: Worst Celebrities
Episode 37: Best Reality TV Shows
Episode 38: Best Love-Making Songs
Episode 39: Best Christmas Songs
Episode 40: Apocalypse Bucket List
Episode 41: Best Christmas Movies
Episode 42: Best Songs from a Musical
Episode 43: Celebrities Who Will Die in 2013
Episode 44: Celebrities Who Will Make a Sex Tape in 2013
Episode 45: Best One-Hit Wonders
Episode 46: Best Movie Heroes
Episode 47: Best Movie Quotes
Episode 48: Best Board Games
Episode 49: Best Groundhog Day Movies
Episode 50: Best Dance Songs
Episode 51: Best Fast Food Items
Episode 52: Most Influential Women
Episode 53: Best Sitcoms
Episode 54: Best Movie Sequels
Episode 55: Best Munchies
Episode 56: Most Doable Cartoon Characters
Episode 57: Most Overrated Movies
Episode 58: Best War Movies
Episode 59: Worst Actors
Episode 60: Celebrity Douchebags
Episode 61: Worst Star Wars Characters
Episode 62: Best Movie Soundtracks
Episode 63: Best TV Moms
Episode 64: Best Cereal Mascots
Episode 65: Best Comedians
Episode 66: Best Mob Films
Episode 67: Best Sci-Fi Movies
Episode 68: Worst SNL Cast Members
Episode 69: Best Human Achievements
Episode 70: Best Disney Characters
Episode 71: Best Music Videos
Episode 72: Best Entrepreneurs
Episode 73: Best TV Dramas
Episode 74: Best Time Travel Movies
Episode 75: Best Sad Songs
Episode 76: Sexiest People Alive
Episode 77: Best Reality Show Personalities
Episode 78: Best Sports Movies
Episode 79: Best 80s Musical Groups
Episode 80: Best Sitcom Theme Songs
Episode 81: Best Animal Actors
Episode 82: Best Scary Movie Villains
Episode 83: Best Drug Movies
Episode 84: Best Karaoke Songs
Episode 85: Best Robot Movies
Episode 86: Best Boy Bands
Episode 87: People Who Changed the World
Episode 88: Best Steven Spielberg Movies
Episode 89: Best SNL Sketches
Episode 90: Celebrities Who Will Die in 2014
Episode 91: Best Musicals
Episode 92: Best 90s Sitcoms
Episode 93: Best Songs to Sing in the Car
Episode 94: Best Space Movies
Episode 95: Best Stand-Up Comedians
Episode 96: Best Movie Montages
Episode 97: Best Tom Hanks Movies
Episode 98: Best Celebrity BFFs
Episode 99: Best TV Dads
Episode 100: Best Kick-Ass Chicks in Movies
Episode 101: Best Gay and Lesbian Celebrities
Episode 102: Best Pokemon Characters
Episode 103: Best 80s Sitcoms
Episode 104: Best Child Stars
Episode 105: Best Robin Williams Movies
Episode 106: Best Beer Commercials
Episode 107: Best 90s Songs
Episode 108: Best Sci-fi Inventions
Episode 109: Best White Trash Celebrities
Episode 110: Best Muppets
Episode 111: Best Celebrity/Power Couples
Episode 112: Best Michael Jackson Songs
Episode 113: Best Fictional TV Jerks
Episode 114: Celebrities Who Will Die in 2015
Episode 115: Best Rappers
Episode 116: Best TV Theme Songs
Episode 117: Things That Made the 80s Awesome
Episode 118: Best Aliens
Episode 119: Best Old-School Video Games
Episode 120: Most Depressing Movies
Episode 121: Best Fictional Pets
Episode 122: Best Cover Songs
Episode 123: Things That Made the 90s Awesome
Episode 124: Sexiest Video Game Characters
Episode 125: Best Disney Songs