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I want to make more videos! I want to interview couples and ex-couples in a series called Are you together? I’ve been interviewing couples from the stage for years, now I want to make it into a show. I also want to revive my The Top 10 List Podcast and turn it into a video series.


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Each week I host Anti-Cooperation League at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. We interview a special guest and then create improvised comedy scenes inspired by the interview. Before we bring out the guest each week I like to interview the crowd so that they also become part of the show. I always end up talking to a couple and ask them, “Are you together” and do this weird thing where I touch my fingers together. I didn’t even know I did it until someone pointed it out. Then I tried to stop because I hated being predictable. I couldn’t stop- so now I just lean into it. I decided to make a shirt. I hope you like it. A portion (to be determined before shirts go on sale) of the profits from each sale will be donated to Sacramento Comedy Foundation.

T-shirts coming soon!