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I host a weekly Friday night show called The Friday Show which is a live show at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. Comedy Mashup combines stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy into one hilarious show with a few surprises along the way. Buy tickets here.

Every Saturday night, I host and perform in the Comedy Spot’s flagship improv show, Anti-Cooperation League. I interview a special guest and then the cast creates comedy scenes inspired by the interview.  We have a ton of great guests, from hollywood actors and directors to local Sacramento business owners. Buy tickets here.

On the fourth Friday of every month, I perform in YOU! The Musical. The cast creates a completely improvised comedy musical inspired by an audience member’s suggestion of a title. Buy tickets here.

I produce and perform in a monthly late night Character show named Ding Dong’s Character Circus!

And I am bring back the Top 10 List Podcast. I recorded over 100 episodes and then… quit. 

And when I have time (hahahaha time) I post videos on my YouTube page. Subscribe here.

And if you really want to see what I am up to take a look at my Facebook or Instagram account.