Day 79

I took a short vacation to Phoenix to see the Oakland A’s play during Spring Training! #hellaspring

On December 18, 2018 I started a 2979 day mission to achieve 10 life changing goals- the same amount of time it took NASA to land humans to the moon. This is my Day 79 update!

I bought a new GoPro Hero 7 Black to record my videos. It’s pretty great! An now I can take you with me outside the world of the Comedy Spot Green Room.

And I started using STASH app to invest some money.

I’ve been sticking to my paleo diet, for the most part. (I am currently eating a bag of chips.) Damn you chips! I’ve bee going to the gym, I haven’t had a beer or smoked in 65 days and I have lost 15.9 pounds!

Take a look at my update video!

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