Day 67

On December 18, 2018 I started a 2979 day mission to achieve 10 life changing goals- the same amount of time it took NASA to land humans to the moon. It’s been 20 days since my last update. One of my goals is to post weekly, so I really failed the last couple of weeks.

Each video I try to update you on my efforts to achieve my goals. The most pressing challenge I needed to solve was balancing my work and personal time. I needed to clearly define when I was working and when I was off. I imagine a lot of you have a job with set hours. But being in charge of the Comedy Spot/Foundation does not have set hours. I work six days (and like today, sometimes seven days) a week and no less than 50 hours. Period. Fifty hours is the minimum.

I had to define my personal time so that I can write and and film videos, in addition to spending time with my family. So, moving forward I have an hour of writing time every day, I will be filming videos every Sunday, and posting them every Monday. And I plan I taking some time off- not only to do things with the family, but also some time to escape everything and work on my screenplays.

Of course, as soon as I solidified my schedule I committed to something else this Sunday. Sunday’s are usually my only day off. So I really failed at defining my schedule! Awesome.


I’m going to be honest, this last three weeks has been tough. I just feel like I am always spinning too many plates.

I even went snowboarding this past Tuesday and it was a little tedious. Making sure kids get dropped off and picked up at school. Driving up and back and then literally heading straight to class after takes some of the thrill away. AND I HATE MY SNOWBOARD BOOTS! They are killing my feet and zapping my fun!

Am I REALLY complaining about snowboarding!? Are you kidding me?How shallow am I? You know what? I’m not going to complain anymore. I have a pretty good life.

Alright. Attitude change. Let’s talk about what I have done right.

Like I said, I sat down and devised a real schedule which included time for filming, writing, and going to the gym along with family time.

It’s has been 53 days since I stopped drinking and smoking. No cheats.

I’ve been sticking to my Paleo Diet- most of the time. I’ve been getting a little depressed and overwhelmed so instead of drinking before I go to bed I am in search of anything I can cram into my mouth. This week I am sticking to my diet. I am doing really good during the day and then blowing it at night.

I am almost done reading my second book this year. Which is one of my goals- to read two books a year! If you haven’t watched my Day 16 video you should watch that to hear about my goals.

I updated my website and added a support page where you can become a subscriber and help with the costs of producing future videos.

Which brings me to my last update. I had my logo guy Dan, come up with a design for a t-shirt I am going to sell on my site. The design is based on this thing I do when I interview audience members. I ask people, “Are you together?” and touch my fingers together. I never realized I did it, until someone pointed it out. Then I tried to stop doing it. And then gave up and leaned into it. It’s just a think I do- I talk with my hands.

I had an idea in the past that I would start a podcast and interview couples about their relationship and call it, Are You Together? When I got this logo I was like, “Shit, I should do that podcast thing.” Instead I’ve decided that I am going to make it part of my YouTube Channel and film the interviews! So in addition to my vlog I will also be posting those videos! I am going to need an editor. I won’t have the time- which is why I started the support page.

You see where this is going? And don’t think you have to subscribe right now. Hold off until I get the first Are You Together? video done. But if you like what you see, please help out!

Well, that’s my update for now. I look forward to talking to you again- IN ONE WEEK! I will be posting videos every Monday now so stay tuned. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel and like and share my videos.

Thank you everyone!

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