This week was all about my health- and rescuing old ladies!

Today is day 47 of my 2979 day mission to achieve 10, mostly, life changing goals. I am trying to complete all of these goals in the same amount of time it took for NASA to put humans on the moon. In my second video, Day 16, you can see what all 10 of my goals are. They range from pretty easy, buying a cheap suit, to the pretty impossible, selling a screenplay and being interview by Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.

I think the goal that is most important is: Live healthy. (mind, heart, body) Eat right. Exercise. Quit smoking. Most of this week was focused on this goal. And I jumped right in, I haven’t smoked or had any alcohol in 33 days. No cheats! So that has been fantastic. I feel, smarter! Maybe not.

However, I have been sick, in some form or another since before Christmas- a cold, the flu, and most recently a chest infection. Along with being sick all the time, I have been super tired and run down.

So, being sick for over a month, feeling run down all the time, hurting my chest in a snowboard fall (see my last video), and getting a chest infection finally pushed me over the edge and call the doctor.

I had my appointment Tuesday. Side note: Fucking insurance: $75 co-pay just to see the doctor. Good lord. And side note to my side note: The whole visit cost me about $150. Damn man!

My doctor was great. I unloaded. It was like confession. “I smoked a pack a day, I over drank, my diet has been terrible, I work too much, haven’t been sleeping, my home life has been stressful because of some changes in the last year….” on and on. Anyway, she checked my vitals, did a quick exam, wrote me a prescription for my chest infection, and then sent me to the lab for some blood tests to see what might be causing my fatigue. Thinking back, she already knew- smoking, drinking, shitty diet, etc. On the upside my blood pressure was fantastic! (124/83)

My results were sent to me the next day, Wednesday, and then I did what we all do- Googled everything to see what it meant! And then called my doctor and scheduled a phone appointment for Friday because according to Google and my imagination I was going to die. Probably tomorrow.

Turns out my bad Cholesterol was high, my good Cholesterol was low, and my ALT levels were a little high- which could mean I might have some liver issues.

She wasn’t overly concerned. Not yet anyway. Basically she wants to give me time and do retests in the fall to see if things have improved. She is giving me a chance to get things under control through diet and exercise. And is encouraged that I have quit smoking. Personally, I was relieved that I wasn’t in any way at risk at being diabetic. That was one of my biggest fears.

Okay, let’s get into some positive stuff. The 5 day antibiotic did the trick! My chest infection is gone! So, back to the gym tomorrow! Yay!

On Monday, I started tracking my calories with MyFitnessPal and started some new healthy eating practices. It’s mostly a Paleo diet but with very little to no red meat. And since I had no idea what portions are supposed to look like and had very little imagination when it cam to eating different meals I downloaded and app called eat this much and it has really helped my plan meals.

Since December 31, 2018 I have lost 11.5 pounds. And since I haven’t been to the gym and only started eating decent this week, I think it is mostly because I stopped drinking! I am really excited to get back to the gym, again, this week, and I hope I don’t get sick again for a while.

It’s really hard to be disciplined and do the right thing. I think about smoking sometimes, I’ll have a craving to sit on the couch and have a beer, if chips were a major food group I would eat them for every meal. But I think I have done a pretty good job so far.

If you haven’t watch my day 47 video I want you to watch it now. WHY? because I tell the story of, “Brian and two nice old ladies” I “saved” while I was at Kaiser. Go an watch it now. It’s too long of a story to write out.

Let’s hang out again soon and do me a favor. Tell your friends about my YouTube Channel and be sure to subscribe! Thank you so much!


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