Hello! Welcome back. Today is day 36 of my 2979 day mission to achieve 10, mostly, life changing goals.

It this week had a theme it would be: Ugh.

After my day 25 video I was full of energy and optimism. And then, ugh.

I was supposed to go snowboarding last Monday, but I was behind on work and had some deadlines, so, I stayed home and worked. I decided I would just go on my own on Tuesday.

And then, ugh.

I went to bed Monday night feeling a little run down and woke up in the morning feeling terrible, like I had the flu, so instead of snowboarding, I slept. All day. I felt miserable. I had Ryan sub for my class Tuesday night.

Good thing, because, ugh.

I shit my pants. Yep, you heard me, I shit my pants. Tuesday night, right about the time my class would have been starting, I crawled out of bed, went to the bathroom to go pee, and as I was standing there I coughed, and boom- diarrhea. Not bad. But enough. And all I could say was, “Ut, oh!” So, I cleaned my undies, and myself, and went back to bed.

I slept most of Wednesday and started to feel better that night. Now, I was super behind, so I spent the next two days catching up on work. Plus, I was in The Friday Show that Friday and hadn’t even looked at lines or what I need to collect for costumes. I was also busy Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. In fact, I was at the Comedy Spot from 9am-4:30PM and then 7pm-11:30PM.

Yesterday, I decided that enough was enough- I decided to go snowboarding on my own at Sierra at Tahoe. It was a beautiful day, and I was having a great time, and then, I ate shit, on the bunny slope, for no reason. I have been snowboarding for 14 years. I am solidly intermediate. I fell, on the bunny slope, doing nothing.

I fell on my left shoulder/chest and it HURT SO BAD. I think I have a bruised rib. Seriously, it heard something pop and every time I cough, or move my left arm in certain ways it hurts. It feels better this morning but it’s still pretty painful. It will be fine. I’ve done way worse.

Went snowboarding yesterday. Beautiful day. Also ate shit on the bunny slope. Nice!

Posted by Brian Crall on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I know what you are say, “Brian this has nothing to do with your goals!” I know!! All of my plans for this last week seemed to blow up in my face.

But, I am going to stop complaining now. I did accomplish a couple of things in the last week.

  1. I finished reading LEGEND!!! Yay! One book down. After I finish another book I will have completed one goal for this year. I think I should make myself merit badges for when I complete goals. I ordered PRODIGY and CHAMPION– the other two books in the series and already started reading PRODIGY. I finished a book, for fun!
  2. I started to make a budget. I am using a free service called MINT by Intuit. It’s a really good service that tracks your spending and allows you to create a budget! It’s amazing! It also showed me how much I was spending on cigarettes and fast food. Ugh.
  3. I have not smoked or had a drink in 23 days. I event went to a bar and snowboarding and didn’t drink. (Soda water for this guy.)
  4. It’s my Birthday tomorrow! That’s not really accomplishing a goal- except I didn’t die, so that’s good. I am going to play some laser tag for my birthday on Sunday. I will make sure to post some pictures on my social media! It’s spaced themed. I am 12 years old. 🙂
  5. I have a friend designing a t-shirt that I am going to sell on this site. (And donate some of the proceeds to the Sacramento Comedy Foundation.) It’s says, “YOU TOGETHER?” and has two fingers touching. It’s something I do when I talk to the audience at the beginning of shows. I didn’t even know I did it until someone pointed it out. Then I tried to stop doing it because I don’t want to be predictable. When I realize it was impossible to stop, I just embraced it. I probably won’t sell a lot, but at least I know my mom will buy one.

Well, that’s all I have to report. This week I want to create a writing schedule and get back to the gym.

I also decided that I am going to create some videos where you can see me trying new things- like cooking new healthy recipes , new workouts, clothes shopping for something other than t-shirts and hoodies, and adventures- stuff like that. Should be fun.

Okay, until next time. Bye!

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