Well hello. Today is day 25 of my 2979 day mission to achieve 10, mostly, life changing goals. Just thought I would check in and give you a little updated. This week was a little rough!

I haven’t smoked or had any alcohol for 11 days. No cheats. But I could feel it this week. I was super irritable and everything put me in a bad mood. I think this tweet from yesterday says it all.

I looked up the withdrawals symptoms of smoking, and I said to myself, “Yep, I am feeling all of that.”
Anxiety – Check
Depression – Check
Irritability – Check
Mental fog- Check
Insomnia – Check Plus
Increased appetite – Super Check

But all in all, it was a pretty okay week. I did make some progress. Here is this week’s video… do you like the bed head?

I went to the gym 4 times this week. Side note: I love Pipeworks, my gym, I can’t wait to start climbing on a regular basis again. Right now, I’m just focusing on cardio.

Despite eating ALL the butter this week- I lost 6.8 pounds since December 31, 2018 (2 pounds this week). I know, you aren’t supposed to measure your health in pounds lost, but I’m pretty stoked. According to BMI charts I am obese. Yay! I would have to lose 47.1 pounds to be in the “normal” range. So, I guess that is my goal weight- 179 pounds. So more gym and better eating habits are on the horizon.

I have an E*Trade account and I decided that I would make monthly automatic deposits to this account. Everything is all set up. I also reached out to a friend for his advice on where I should be putting my money. Maybe I should have talked to him first. 🙂 I am going to create a budget and start sticking to it in February.

I am on page 179 of my book, LEGEND, and it is starting to get really good! I am going to order the last two books in the series this week. I’ve been reading on the toilet and when I can’t sleep at night. You’re welcome for that information.

I shared what I have written so far for my screenplay, LOST LUGGAGE, with my friend Mel, and she is totally stoked and wants me to finish is ASAP. I think I have been talking about this with her for 12 years. Good lord. So, here is an excerpt from the screenplay. Well, here is some background first. LOST LUGGAGE is TOY STORY, but with luggage. Sterling is a piece of carry-on luggage who, only travels first class, and has never been checked in cargo before. He has only heard horror stories about being in the cargo area. Robin is a hiking bag who is very adventurous. Mac is a laptop. Sterling is being checked for the first time….

It’s difficult for me to find time to write. I have to figure that out ASAP!

I haven’t made any progress on any other goals but I am starting to put ideas out into the universe and reaching out to friends and asking their advice about finances, buy property, etc.

I didn’t see a SpaceX launch this week but I watched one on YouTube! I get so excited watching the first stage of Falcon 9 returning to Earth and LANDING ON A DRONESHIP! We are living in the future! Check out the video below!

Okay, that’s all I have for this week! We will see what next week brings.

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