Brian Reviews Life

Listen, I have a lot of hobbies, most likely due to self diagnosed (using TikTok) ADHD. But I love improv and sketch comedy, teaching, performing, rockets, 3D printing, live streaming, films, screenwriting, snowboarding, kayaking, and lock picking. I know, that’s a lot.

In an attempt to combine all of my hobbies I have decided to make video reviews of my experiences, gadgets, places I visited, etc. I will give you helpful tips, tricks, and tell you how I failed- so you won’t. I will always give you my honest opinion- guaranteed.

I will be shooting my first couple of videos soon. Until then, enjoy the videos below. It’s a collection of vacations, live stream shows, my ongoing struggle to be the best version of myself, and that time I thought I was going to be the next big vlogger. Check out my Instagram feed to see what I am up to from day to day. If you want a good laugh- take a listen to old episodes to the Top 10 List Podcast. Did I mention I love also liked podcasting at one time.